Our Birds are local – 100% ABF (Antibiotic Free), Hormone Free, Free range, Stress Free grass fed when applicable.

Transportation—We come to you if your farm is located in Colorado! Before we process your birds we must evaluate your farm to insure it meets local government requirements.

MPPU “Mobile Poultry Processing Plant” —Total respect for each animal, no automation, we take great care in insuring stress free arrival, we are hands / eyes on for the entire process, nothing gets overlooked!

Capacity— 500 to 3,600 birds per day.

Equipment—Plant equipment & work surfaces are designed to the highest standards focusing on accessibility to all parts for sanitation & inspection, no tubing.

* Chilling via water or air chill, its entirely up to the customer.

* Our trimming operation is only hand cuts no machinery.

* Weigh and price, labeling, Bulk Packaging, Gas Flush and high barrier shrink bags.

Our Planet—Our poultry operation is 100% land fill free! We recycle everything including all our organic material while minimizing water usage while retaining the highest standards and best practices.

Traceability—All our animals / packaging material’s / water and ingredients are 100% traceable.